About Us


Impact Freight Services

  1. Reliable transportation provider for safe and secure transportation of freight.
  2. Well maintained e-log equipped fleet to meet industry standards.
  3. Reward program for drivers.
  4. Safe and healthy work environment for employees.
  5. Dedicated Customer Service Rep for each account to meet customer needs.

Environmental Policy

Impact Freight Services is committed to protect the environment and is taking following measures to minimize the environmental impact.

  1. Implementation of environmental initiatives within the company like waste reduction, recycling, using eco-friendly products where possible.
  2. Responsible recycling of used parts, waste oil and other by-products.
  3. Regular speed monitoring of equipment in use.
  4. Regular vehicle maintenance to ensure fuel efficiency and good performance.
  5. Minimizing empty miles where possible to reduce emissions.
  6. Efficient planning to reduce idling time.
  7. Consideration to green trucking when making investment decisions.
  8. Providing safe and healthy environment to employees.
  9. Driver mentorship program includes encouraging drivers to dispose waste in appropriate containers while on road.
  10. Encourage safety through proper training to office staff and drivers.

We, as a team will take all necessary steps to minimize our carbon footprint.

Impact Freight Services Team